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The Morgan Moms Facebook page was created in 2011.  It has grown to have more than 3,500 members.  It is a place where people come to talk about all kinds of things: how to get rid of a skunk, where to find a Santa for a party, local job opportunities, recommendations for doctors.  It is an open page, which means that members can post anything at any time without having to be approved by an administrator.  For many “Morgan Moms” this is a good thing, as they need real support in the moment.  It is often faster to ask the community page about school schedules or lunch menus, then to have to sort through information.  Many feel like it’s having a tribe of informed women at your fingertips.

However, there are also posts that turn negative. Political discussions are supposed to be limited to the Morgan Political Discussion group, but several posts on Morgan Moms spoke out on local candidates. Then there was the whole Post Malone escapade.  Morgan Moms discussion group was flooded with comments and opinions about the young rapper who was vacationing in Morgan County.  Many of these posts became personal attacks. While some moms were asking Siri, “who is Post Malone?”, others were taking to the keyboard to write their opinions about morals in our community.   The discussion went quickly from curiosity about a celebrity in our town, to eruptions about drugs, religion, freedom of speech, and parenting.  Local news reported that some Morgan County residents were trespassing and harassing Post Malone. This led to the Morgan County Sheriff taking to social media urging residents to leave the man alone, “he’s just a guy trying to enjoy his vacation”.  Trying to restore civility back to the group, Wendy Barber pleaded with members to remember that behind these posts were people, and they are not just any people, they are our neighbors.  “People, let’s stop tearing each other apart. Between the Post Malone posts, the arguments about Prop 2, Mormon bashing and fights about marijuana being a gateway drug we have gotten out of control. There’s no way some of these things would have been said to one another face to face.”

Despite the surge of negativity that the page saw in September, most members still appreciate the Morgan Moms group.  In a recent poll, 96% of responders stated that the page was okay-great.  With only 4% reporting that they did not like the page at all.  Lisa Hone commented, “Of course there are problems, as with any organization or group, but it’s definitely been a blessing to have in the community. It’s the place to go for answers, advice, and recommendations.”  Although members may need to scroll past occasional negative comments, the community and support that comes from the page is available 24-7.  .

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