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Morgan Pee Wee Football Moves to Mini Bowl


For the third year in a row, Morgan’s Pee Wee Football made it to the Mini-bowl. The 5th grade boys have only played for three years and really pulled it together in the last game to snag their win that would move them on.

Team mom, Mckenzie Hansen said, “They had the most amazing comeback last Saturday in the Semi-finals against Kaysville!  They were looking like they were going to lose 6-7, but in the last minute of the game they allowed the other team a touchdown in order to get possession of the ball and a better field advantage, and they flipped their switch on and started playing like an NFL team I’ve see on TV!”

The game will be held at Layton High School Saturday, October 27th. Coaches are Rusty Hurd, Joe Hansen, Rob Saunders, Tony Petersen, Ryan Nye, and Cody Williams

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