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Editorial – Mistake on Publishing the Profiles on County Council District 1


This last week we ran a profile on Tina Cannon who is running for Morgan County Council District 1.  The article on Tina Kelley who is also running for this County Council position was not finished before our deadline and we indicated that we would publish the profile on Kelley in our next edition.  In hindsight, this was a mistake.  We should have held the profile on Tina Cannon until we could publish the two together.  I want to apologize to Tina Kelley for our mis-judgement on this decision.  Both Kelley and Cannon have served on the council and both are passionate advocates for what they believe.

We received a number of emails from readers pointing out our mistake.  As soon as we realized the mistake, we published the profile on Tina Kelley on our website and on Facebook.  Our website and Facebook pages, in actuality, have a greater reach than our printed publication.  This is not an excuse, but rather an explanation of actions we took.  We will publish the profile of Tina Kelley on the front page next week.

Again, I apologize to Tina Kelley for our mistake and mis-judgement.  I hope that any readers of our Facebook page and website will point any of their friends and neighbors who have interest in the election to these pages to read the full story on Tina Kelley in addition to the printed and published profile on Tina Cannon.  We will ensure that we do not make this mistake in the future.

Don Casias


The Morgan County News

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