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Meet the Candidate – Tina Cannon – County Council District 1

Tina Cannon

Election time can electrify a county. The race for District 1 County Council has been a heated battle in Morgan County. The Morgan County News reached out to the candidates to supply voters with statements directly from them regarding their stance on key county issues.


Morgan County has been my home for almost 20 years. As the mother of four children, I understand how the decisions made by local government today will shape the community my children will live in tomorrow.

What experience do you have that will help you succeed as County Council?

I have served as a County Council Representative over the past four years. For this position, my accounting background and understanding of small business is a vital asset to our community. Tax Money is sacred funds. There should be proper financial oversights and dual controls to ensure public trust. I understand how Tone at the Top is set by the County Council’s leadership in the implementation of uniform county policies and code enforcement to protect the taxpayer’s money.

What is your opinion of the interchange at Trapper’s Loop?

In January 2016, the Morgan County Economic Development study group identified the full interchange at Trapper’s Loop as the number one economic development priority for Morgan County. This $56 million UDOT project will depend upon the collaborative efforts of Davis, Weber, and Morgan Counties with the added support of Ski Utah, Snowbasin, Northern Utah Legislators and Chamber Coalition to move it up the priority list for completion. We have worked for three years to build those relationships and support for this project. The purchase of the right of way for the project is the first of three steps. It will continue to need attention and effort, but progress is finally happening.

What are the key topics that you wish to address as County Council?

Morgan County has been named the 3rd fastest growing county in Utah. Since 2002, commercial taxable value in Morgan County has fallen from 73% of residential value to 19% of residential value. The falling ratio of commercial property to residential property concerns me for those in our community on fixed incomes as this trend will continue to cause increases to residential property taxes to fund our growing population. I believe working towards a stronger and more diversified commercial tax base should be priority number one for Morgan County.

How do you hope to make improvements in our County?

I believe priority #2 should be the Emergency Services Department. The EMS department has outgrown the current building, which was constructed in 1982. In addition to the fire station, National Fire Protection Association Standards recommend multiple upgrades to our heavy equipment in order to maintain our high ranking for lower homeowner’s insurance rates. In order to keep our community and our 1st responders safe, we should incorporate into the county budget the replacement costs for our aging EMS facilities and equipment.

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