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Meet the Candidate – Tina Kelley County Council District 1

Tina Kelley

Election time can electrify a county. The race for District 1 County Council has been a heated battle in Morgan County. The Morgan County News reached out to the candidates to supply voters with statements directly from them regarding their stance on key county issues.

What experience do you have that will help you succeed as County Council?

I have served two terms in the past as a County Council member for District 1.  I have continued to attend most County Council and Planning Commission meetings since leaving office. This has helped me remain current on issues facing the County and Mountain Green in particular and will help me hit the ground running.

While on the County Council, I served five years on the Association of Counties board. I retain many friendships around the state from that time. I served as the Council representative to the Weber-Morgan Board of Health for eight years and have been appointed twice since then to serve as the at large representative from Morgan. This has allowed me to establish relationships with the Weber County Commission which will be helpful in future negotiations of contracts with Weber County.

I currently serve as the representative from Weber-Morgan to the Utah Association of Local Boards of Health, and serve as President on that Board. I have been appointed to the Morgan County Historical Society Board by the County Council, and have been elected to serve as the Chair of that Board.  I served in the past as an elected member of the Mtn. Green Sewer Improvement District Board.  Service on these various boards has presented me with many opportunities to be involved in issues relevant to the Mountain Green community.  It has given me the ability to discuss and debate various issues with different factions and still have positive outcomes.

What are the key topics that you wish to address as County Council?

While on the Council, I, as well as many other Council members, worked diligently to get a new I84 interchange added to UDOTs project list, connecting I84 from the west bound rest area to the intersection of Old Highway with Trappers Loop. It has been included on their list for 2040. UDOT has appropriated funding for purchasing the land the Interchange will be built on and they are doing an Environmental Impact Study.  I will continue working with UDOT to ensure the completion of this Interchange.

I would like to continue efforts creating a business friendly atmosphere to make locating a business in Morgan County a positive process. I would hope to attract businesses that are compatible with our lifestyle here in Morgan County and Mountain Green.

I think the County Council should budget within our means. There are many needs in the County as far as services and the money is stretched tightly.  There are projects that need to be done and there are long term goals that need to be met, for instance the many issues throughout the County with roads. I will work with what we have in revenue while at the same time research alternative funding options for those projects to ensure they are completed.

I love living in this community where everyone goes out of their way to help one another. I have been distressed to see a divide within the community lately because of the growing pains we are all feeling. There is a call for more or better services that has to be weighed with what limited dollars we have to work with. I have worked  with people who have differing opinions and ideas of how to address the community’s needs and I will continue to work with people to bring about unity.

How do you hope to make improvements in our County? 

I will work on finding funding sources, such as grants, for the many needs of our community.  I was an active part of the Envision Morgan and DAT efforts to reach out to the community to determine how they wanted to see their community develop moving forward as well as supporting the Area Plans that are guidelines for future growth in our communities. I will continue to reach out to the public to be involved in the planning process. I want to try and attract compatible businesses to our community that will enhance the rural lifestyle we enjoy so much.

What is your opinion of the interchange at Trapper’s Loop?

The I84 Interchange at Trapper’s Loop is an absolute essential going forward in Mountain Green.  It will help alleviate traffic issues on Old Highway Rd as well as present opportunity for businesses to be centrally located.

We live in a beautiful area and people want to recreate here and in our neighboring County. During the winter they go to Snow Basin. During the summer they go to Pineview.  They use the I84 corridor and Trapper’s Loop to get back and forth to those destinations because it is easier than driving up Ogden Canyon.  UDOT has done traffic studies and predictably traffic numbers will be increasing.  The Interchange will help ease that growing number of vehicle trips.

The Interchange is very important to bringing businesses to the community. As the Interchange comes in, it will open up an opportunity for businesses to centrally locate in the area to help meet the needs and wants of a growing population. This will be beneficial to a population wanting things like a restaurant or grocery store as well as the County budget as businesses provide an alternate tax base to residential property taxes.

Additional background (personal and/or political)

I have lived in Mountain Green and Morgan County for 27 years. I’ve been married 30 years to Patrick Kelley. I graduated, twice, from Weber State University, in 1991 and 1997. We raised my brother, Jonathon, and he attended Morgan County schools. We were welcomed into this community so many years ago and  have come to love it more and more.  Neighbors take care of neighbors. Friends take care of friends. Strangers help strangers when the need arises. Everybody waves as they drive by. It is what makes living here so great in addition to the rural beauty that surrounds us. I was asked to run for County Council by many people who want to see the community thrive peacefully and I will work hard for that community as I always have.

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