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Morgan County’s Little Athletes


Morgan County’s Recreation program allows children to participate across a wide variety of sports.  Recreation programs are a wonderful way to learn a sport.  Everyone that signs up gets a chance to play, regardless of skill level.   Each season holds new activities for participants to select from. 

Fall soccer and WFFL football recently concluded.  The two successful programs ran simultaneously from mid-August through the end of October.  The Morgan County soccer program had nearly 500 participants ranging from ages 3-12.  Morgan County’s junior pee wee football team brought home a mini-bowl trophy this year.  With four additional teams making it to the playoffs. Although tackle football participation has decreased nationwide, Morgan County had enough participants to create ten teams this year.  The most teams ever generated in one season is eleven.  Morgan Recreation reports that involvement in full contact football has stayed consistent in Morgan County. 

When snow forces these little athlete’s inside, Jr. Jazz basketball is available to boys and girls from grades k-12.  The program runs for 8 weeks.   Participants not only get a jersey, but also a ticket to a Jazz Game at the Energy Solutions Arena.   

Spring is the busiest time of year for Morgan County Recreation.  There are over 700 participants in spring sports.  Girls’ softball, boys’ baseball, T-ball, spring soccer, and flag football all begin in spring.  Flag football was new to Morgan County last year.  With over 350 boys and girls participating, it was a booming success.  With new reports on concussion rates, many parents are hesitant to let their children play full contact football. Flag football was a fantastic alternative that allowed participants to learn the basics of the game while reducing injury risk.    

Some adult leagues are also offered through Morgan County Recreation.  Carol Brooks has been the recreation director for the past 11 years.  She believes that, “Recreation is a vital part of Morgan County. It gives residents of all ages a chance to participate, socialize, and make many new friends and great memories. It is an opportunity to keep our families happy and healthy.”

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