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The New Morgan High


Construction continues on the Morgan High addition.  The original structure of Morgan High School was completed in 1914.  The original exterior was maroon and white, and the first class that gathered as “Morgan High Students” had 22 pupils.  There have been many updates and additions over the years, and the school is currently 124,000 square feet.  Demolition of 30,000 existing square feet, and 16 classrooms, is scheduled for this summer and will become addition parking for the school. 

The new addition will consist of three floors. The first floor will include a new media center, cafeteria, administrative office, and classrooms/labs for science.  The second floor will be dedicated to classrooms for English and History.  The third floor will hold the Math department, and additional classes as needed. A total of 40 new classrooms will be completed. 

Morgan is currently a 3A school with a population of 950 students.   With continued growth in Morgan County, the school is projected to have over 1200 students by the year 2028.  The new addition will allow the school to accommodate 1400-1600 students.

Construction is on track and is scheduled to be completed in May of 2019.  Usage will begin in August as the 2019-2020 school year starts.  Crews are currently working on laying exterior brick.   There have been many worried phone calls as construction continues.   Many citizens have been concerned about the yellow insulation foam, and the multi-colored brick patterns being used on the exterior of the building.   Superintendent Doug Jacobs assures the community that upon completion, “The building will be covered with esthetically pleasing colors and materials both inside and out.”  Residents and students are eager to see the new face of Morgan High.   The school is a substantial part of our city, and stands as a symbol of our community. 

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