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By Sheradyn Nelson

Each month we have a school wide theme that goes with the phrase “We Are…”. The theme for November is “We Are Thankful”, as we strive to push our attention towards gratitude all month long. To spread this mindset of being thankful throughout the student body, we asked students what they were grateful for and made a video of their responses. Some said things like, “I’m grateful for my mom,” or, “I’m thankful for my friends,” while others said things like, “I’m thankful for my bed.” What people are grateful for ranges, however, it was affective as it got students and teachers really thinking about what they are thankful for that they might normally take for granted.

Our VP of Advertising also cut out large, black letters that spell out “THANKFUL” that we put out during lunches one day for the students to write on what they’re thankful for with chalk. We then laminated the letters and hung them up in the commons where everyone could see them. This had a greater impact as students were able to be more specific as they wrote some of the things they are thankful for: the USA, school, the Jazz, ski season, girls, food, etc. Each letter was different, but each held the same meaning and gave the same effect.

Every year we hold a Veteran’s Day assembly in honor of the men and women in our community who have served our country. However, this year was unlike any other as students stood and clapped as the veterans entered the school. It brought tears to their eyes as they witnessed the appreciation in the students’ faces. The Student Body Officers then served breakfast to the veterans, before holding the assembly in which Tim Carter spoke. He addressed the student body with pictures and a presentation of his service in the air force, describing what it was like and the experiences he faced. Overall, it was a remarkable morning and assembly with the veterans of our county.

This month is dedicated to giving thanks nation wide, but why can’t we be thankful year round? That is something we as a school are working hard to improve, and something we all should really think about. There is so much to be grateful for in this beautiful world that goes unrecognized every day. All the little things, or even the things that we are just used to and see every day, go overlooked without recognition. Let’s work to change that. Let’s be thankful!

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