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Congrats to Chans McMillan (Instagram), Bill Pentz and Pam Jensen (Facebook) for being the first to correctly identify the last Hunt for History location:  The Post #13 (50 S. 600 E.).  We had a record number of participants this past week.  Check out this week’s photo clue below and participate in the Hunt for History!  All correct answers get entered into our grand prize drawing.  The first to correctly identify wins a prize.  See below for full list of rules.

The history of The Post building is quite “moving” as you will see.  Porter and Sarah Carter built and opened up Carters Café in June of 1957 on the Old Hwy 30 near the Southeast RR underpass.  A year and a half into business, they learned that they would have to relocate to make way for the Interstate Highway.  So relocate they did, by literally moving the building across the road!  There was supposed to be one big interchange in Morgan which would have served the business well but when that didn’t occur, Porter Carter says that it “left us on the outside high and dry”.  The Farmers Café took over in 1963, and was operated by Reed (Farmer) and Mable Welch.  The business was once again sold and renovated by Paul Burnside into the Hitching Post.  Dude and Marge Taggart operated the business from 1972-77, during which time the famous “Dude Burger” was served.  Jack and Nick Blakeley, Skip and Sherry Hetterscheidt have also owned businesses here.  The current owner of The Post #13 is Linda Ezell Packard, who is continuing the legacy of providing the community a place to meet and share in food, drinks and music. 

Join the Morgan County Historical Society as we Hunt for History each week through the end of 2018 as we celebrate Morgan City’s Sesquicentennial.

Here are the rules:

1. Must Correctly Identify Building – (either by business name, or address).  First to identify gets prize (Book, Pin, or Ornament) and name put into Grand Prize Drawing.  All others who identify also get name put in drawing for Grand Prize ($50). 

2. Entries must be submitted between Friday 6pm and Monday 12pm.  Early or late submissions will not be counted.

3. All buildings are located in Morgan City and the architectural detail can be seen from the public right of way.  No Trespassing on Private property.  All buildings are commercial or public, no private homes.

4. Limit one entry per person, per week. 

5. Limit 3 prizes (after 3 prizes the winner will get their name put in twice for the Grand Prize Drawing).

6. Grand Prize Drawing will be held at the end of the year.

Call or email your answer to Rachel Turk at the Historical Society.  (801)845-6085 or rturk@morgan-county.net   Please include your name, answer and phone number when you call.

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