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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat a Huge Success!


The vast and amazing talents of students from Morgan High’s Drama Department, as well as select members of the middle and elementary schools, were spectacularly showcased this past week in MHS’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Starring Gage Reese as Joseph; Taylor Polad, Amber Simister, and Olivia Farmer as narrators; and directed by Anna Hunter, this year’s musical was a delight for each night’s audience. Using modern character interpretations and catchy, inspiring music to retell the ancient biblical tale of Jacob and his twelve sons, this musical was indeed a rigorous challenge for MHS’s drama department; however, they rose to the challenge and provided a rendition that satisfied and delighted attendees. Through modern dance and song, three narrators retell the story of Joseph being sold into Egypt by his brothers and ultimately serving as their salvation. Gage Reese provided an especially poignant rendition of “Close Every Door” representing his stay in prison and search for hope in dire circumstances. Jacob Pincock provided comedic relief through his portrayal of The King, Elvis Presley, complete with white jumpsuit and sideburns, which characterized Pharaoh. In the end, the offending brothers (Landon Weidner, Sam Gibson, Parker Stanley, Catherine Hall, Michael Croft, Charli Wilde, Brandon Hone, Ethan Stone, Benjamin Floyd, Trevor Shelley, and Raen Wilkinson) obtained physical and spiritual redemption when they were reunited with their brother Joseph who not only offered food stored during famine, but forgiveness and love. Anna Hunter did an amazing job incorporating modern nuances, such as Happy Meal boxes, papier mache camels, a tuba-playing Potiphar (Thomas Floyd) and a sphinx riding in on a Radio Flyer, all of which added to the color and delight of the overall production. Supporting the lead roles was an equally talented and devoted supporting cast and crew which all greatly assisted in making this production a huge success for the entire MHS drama department.

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