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Mountain Green Middle School


Morgan Middle School is over capacity.  The school is supposed to have a maximum population of 650 students, but currently has close to 800 enrolled.  Another middle school was necessary to meet the needs of the rapidly growing county.  The completion of Mountain Green Middle school will alleviate the overcrowded Morgan Middle school and provide the community with facilities to meet future growth. 

The new middle school is scheduled to be ready for use in August of 2019.   It will hold 36 classrooms, an oversized gymnasium, and a special performance stage in the commons area.  The construction access on Trapper’s loop will be sealed off, and an access road will be built through the gravel pit located on Old Highway Road. 

The projected student body for the 2019-2020 school year at Mountain Green Middle School is 400 students.  As the community grows, the school will be ready to meet increased needs.   The maximum capacity of the new middle school is 1000 students.    This wise planning will also leave Morgan Middle School with room to grow.   Morgan Middle School’s projected student body for the 2019-2020 school year is 400 students.  The new facilities in Mountain Green will create many opportunities for students as well as the community. 

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