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Morgan Scores High on ACT


When compared to the size and scope of most other districts throughout the state of Utah, Morgan School District is thought of as fairly small, currently comprising four schools, including only one high school. However, although the student population is on average smaller, the accomplishments consistently surpass those across the entire state.

One of those notable accomplishments is the academic testing that the majority of students complete every year. SAGE, which includes end-of-year assessments in math, reading, writing, and science, has served as the primary measurement for student achievement in the elementary and middle schools for the past several years. During this time, Morgan School District has measured ten to fifteen percentage points higher in proficiency in each of these areas when compared to the state average.

Although SAGE testing will be replaced by RISE this year, these scores demonstrate a strong commitment among elementary and middle school teachers to prepare students for the ACT test, generally taken during one’s sophomore and junior years of high school. This preparation, as well as the rigorous classes provided at Morgan High, have led to ACT scores that are consistently above both state and national averages. The state of Utah strives to provide programs and resources that assist students in increasing their overall ACT score. With an average score of 20.4, with a total possible score of 36, the state has been demonstrating a slow and steady increase in student aggregated scores. However, they are still below the national average of 20.8.

Morgan School District, however, reported an average score of 21.8, a full point above the national average and 1.4 points above the state average. During the October school board meeting, Mr. Crae Wilson, principal of Morgan High School, reported that the average ACT scores for 2017-2018 were slightly lower than previous years; however, those scores were still significantly higher than state average scores, a wonderful achievement for students, parents, and educators. 

MHS’s school improvement plan for this year focuses primarily on maintaining those higher than average scores in the hopes that students will have better collegiate and career opportunities and choices in the future. Despite its smaller size and population, with the commitment of all stakeholders, including students, parents, teachers, and administration, Morgan School District and the community can expect continued levels of increased academic achievement and higher quality opportunities for all attending students.

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