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Proposition #22 Passes


In early November, Morgan County Residents voted on Proposition #22 on their general ballots.   The Proposition was a proposed sales tax increase that would benefit county recreation programs.  The Proposition would increase sales tax by .01%.   The profits would then provide Morgan County Recreation with the means to continue youth sports and activities in the community.  

By November 7thth, the outlook for the Proposition looked absolute.   Election reports stated that 92% percent of voters declined the proposed tax increase.   Maintaining that only 230 people in the entire county voted yes to Prop #22.  Many citizens voiced their concerns on social media. Nancy Sorensen wrote, “My kids are adult age, but still I voted for the prop because I see the value to the community. Had there been even a closer % in the results I could buy it, but something seems fishy to me.” People had concerns about the overwhelming margin-could there be an error in the recording?   

With every election there is an audit on the ballots.   The Lieutenant Governor’s office oversees this audit.  Morgan County Clerk, Stacy Clark followed protocol and prepared the ballots for the audit.  Then there was a waiting period of 2 weeks.   Once the Governor’s office began their audit, it became clear that there had been an error in reporting for Proposition #22. Prior to the election, the State switched places of Proposition 17 and 22 in the machines.  The verbiage in one proposition was longer than the other, but adjustments were not made in the voting section to accommodate the switch.  The machines were incapable of correctly reading the marked ovals.  

The new results for Proposition #22 are much more conceivable.  On November 19th, the audit showed that Morgan County Voters passed the tax with 54% approval.  Stable funding for Morgan County Recreation passed.  Many happy “soccer moms” took to the keyboard to celebrate the overturn. “Best news! We all knew there was something wrong with the results I’m glad they figured it out and our voices were heard!”  Perhaps Carol Brooks, Morgan County’s Recreation Director, was the happiest of all.   She has been the Director of Morgan County Rec for 11 years and has made the county’s recreation her number one priority.  Carol said, “My heart was broken with the first results, and then so ecstatic with the final results. You’ve heard the quote “best day ever”. That’s what the recount day was for me.”  The recreation program will go on.  Morgan County will continue to provide youth with an atmosphere in which athletes can emerge and thrive in an uplifting environment.  It may have taken until nearly the end of January, but the correct results emerged.    

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