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New Plan Accepted for Round Valley


In November a concept plan presented by Morgan Valley Partners was given to the county planning commission for a revised development plan for dwelling units at Round Valley Golf Course. Morgan Valley Partners owns the golf course and has for the last 10 years. 

Tom Henriod, manager for Morgan Valley Partners, went before the county council on Tuesday night to present a revised version of the development plan. Henriod said, “We previously had a plan that was that had a development agreement recorded against it for 561 units and a remodeled golf course. Then we were younger and more ambitious,” Henriod laughed. “The recession happened and we didn’t run the golf course for 10 years.”

Henriod explained that the golf course was managed during this time period by people in the community, specifically crediting Dennis Peterson, and expressed that although the ambitious plan didn’t go into effect the golf course is still an enjoyable course to have in the community. 

Henriod continued saying, “After all of this we’re now ready to do something much more modest. Not 561 units, more like 115, and no multi-family. All the lots will be no smaller than ½ and acre in size. We’re interested in formally extending our development agreement with the council.”

The new plan will go before the planning commission next month. The new plan is consistent with the current development agreement, as the change is only a decrease in units, not adding anything new or more impact on the community. 

Henriod added, “We’re ready. We’re motivated to do it. We’re ready to start at first base when we can.”

The county council unanimously voted to extend the Round Valley development agreement for another five years. The plan to develop and begin construction will go before the planning commission for approval before any development at the golf course can proceed.

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