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Utah’s Public High School Graduation Rate Climbs


For six years in a row, the State of Utah has increased the number of students graduating from High School. Last spring, 47,487 students graduated across the state. This number gives the state a percentage of 87% of students who entered high school as freshman successfully finished after 4 years.

In 2013 the state average for all students was 81%. Each year there has been a 1% increase in students across all ethnicities. With Hispanic/Latino increasing by 10% since 2013 and English Learning students increasing by 13% since 2013.

Morgan High School is above average for graduation rates with a percentage of 92% for students who enter school as a freshman and complete 4 years. Students credit a tight knit high school, with educators and staff involved in each student.

All graduation information for Utah’s Public Schools can be found on the Utah’s Board of Education website: www.schools.utah.gov

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