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DUP PIONEER CLASSROOM: Almost Half-Way to the Goal!


DUP officers of the Morgan Chapter explained, “$70,000 is needed to build a Pioneer Classroom to improve our Outreach Program for the community. The new classroom will adjoin the existing Pioneer Memorial Building, greatly enhancing the utility of both buildings.

“A lot of citizens have donated to help build the classroom,” they said. “Total donations have reached $30,000. We are thrilled with this response! Almost a dozen pledges have been made in addition.”

The DUP hopes to begin building as soon as possible to avoid losing funds to rising inflation. The plan is to finish all that the funds will pay for.

Local construction professionals responded last July by inviting interested persons to attend several planning meetings, July thru October. It looks hopeful that construction may begin with donated labor. “With that kind of support, we feel an urgency to proceed and do as much as we can. We hope that others will join in to help reach the goal.

Many families are donating in memory of a special pioneer or other noteworthy individual. Some have donated multiple times. Others have donated anonymously to the DUP Donation Jar.

Businesses, including Bingham’s Custom Meats, Hogan Construction, Sure Steel, Inc., Center Point Construction, Morgan Mercantile, Campbell Scientific, Inc., and Morgan’s local Tupperware consultants have made significant donations to the Classroom in accordance with their company’s charitable donation policies.

The new classroom will feature an HONOR WALL and DONOR PLAQUES. A donation of $40 or more to the DUP Classroom will place the name of your chosen pioneer or other important person on the Honor Wall for your children and grandchildren to find there.

The Honor Wall is an alphabetical list which includes the name of the honoree, as well as the name of the person who sponsored the honoree.

The real value of the Honor Wall is that future generations will search for special names on the Wall and feel the spirit of Morgan’s unique history.

Names of individuals who donate over $199 will also appear on the Donor Plaque and may choose to make their contribution “In Memory of” a special individual.

All names on the Donor Plaque also appear on the alphabetically-listed Honor Wall.

An important question in the minds of donors may be, “What if someone has already honored the name that I wanted to honor?”

Two options are:

(1) Multiple donors may honor the same individual, it looks great, no problem.

(2) Or, check the updated list before making your decision:

(a) The most current list is posted on the front door of the DUP Museum.

(b) A copy of this list can be E-mailed to you; send your request to morgandaughters@gmail.com or call 801-391-5111.

Donor Plaque headings are as follows:

ROCK QUARRY LEVEL – $200 – $499;

BEE HIVE LEVEL – $500 – $999;

GRIST MILL LEVEL – $1,000 – $4,999;

OX BOW LEVEL – $5,000 – Above.

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