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Christmas Pageant Celebration


Christmas is a magical time for children, with the promise of Santa, reindeer, and presents under the tree. But the Special Needs Institute, comprising the three Morgan stakes of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, brings an even greater sense of magic and wonder to our community each year when they present their pageant celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Through simple words and song, these special friends share their beliefs and ideas about what Christmas really means to them. Regardless of one’s religious denomination or beliefs, these amazing young people, some using walkers and wheelchairs to get around, others using technology to give themselves a voice, bring a sense of community, love, and compassion to everyone who attends.

This year’s performance was no exception as these talented and dedicated special friends once again presented a message in their own unique way that has been celebrated for centuries. Assisted by an army of community volunteers, with only one rehearsal prior to their performance, these individuals present a pageant that miraculously comes together to serve as one of the highlights for many residents who gather to not only enjoy the presentation but also enhance the spirit of Christmas in their own hearts.

The Special Needs Institute wishes to give special thanks to Ron and Colleen Russell, Teresa Brooks, Terri Hughes, narrator Robert McConnell, pianist Pam Clark, and the countless other individuals who dedicate their time and efforts to make this pageant a success. Without their love and dedication, this amazing tradition could not take place.

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