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Chamber of Commerce Gives Back


This week the Morgan Area Chamber of Commerce gave back to the community in a big way. The recent Festival of Trees that was held on December 1st, was a huge success on its own. The Morgan Chamber of Commerce took $1,000 from the funds raised by that event and generously gave the amount to the Morgan School District. 

The funds were then dispersed between the four different schools and used to help cover lunch balances throughout the district. Superintendent, Doug Jacobs sent a special email thanking the chamber saying, “(The funds) went to assisting students and families who have struggling lunch accounts.”

Chamber member, Jerry Pierce said, “The Festival of Trees was successful in conjunction with our Hometown Christmas on Commercial Street. The Morgan Area Chamber of Commerce spear headed the event for the second year in a row.”

When funds in the county are tight throughout all departments the chamber gave back in a big way. Pierce went on to say, “The Festival of Trees brought in just over $5,000 which was then dispersed to local organizations and families in need.” Not only did the schools receive help, the entire community was affected this season.

The Morgan Chamber of Commerce is volunteer based and covers all major business events in the county, Pierce explained including the Fourth of July, the Hometown Christmas, Summer Golf Tournament, and also a Community Kickoff event being held on January 16th. Hours of work and preparation go into creating exciting activities for families and business owners. The purpose of the chamber is to help the local businesses grow and find success. It isn’t always easy in a smaller population. The chamber works with the County Council oftentimes to find grants, programs, and trainings for many different businesses. Their mission is to help Morgan County businesses succeed so our community flourishes. 

Though helping pay school lunch balances might not seem like a big thing, it certainly added to the spirit of the season, thanks to the hard-working volunteers on the area chamber of commerce.

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