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Setting Goals That Stick


Every New Year thousands of people sit down to reevaluate their situation. It’s goal-setting time. Now, some people might find goals disheartening, especially when it seems they can never be met. However, goals can help enrich our lives and those around us.

The most common goals set in the new year

  • Weight loss
  • Financial
  • Organize
  • Spend more time with family
  • Travel
  • Quit smoking
  • Destress

Some goals can be daunting it’s true. There is a good method to stick to in order to help you reach your goals without giving up. 

SMART goals. It’s a common theme with goal setting, but it helps. When it’s broken down, it is easier to follow.

S: Specific. Simple, Sensible, Significant. Make a specific goal by writing out WHAT you want to accomplish. WHY it is important. WHO is involved. It’s okay to break down even the smallest details and reiterate why this goal is important to you. 

M: Measurable. It’s important to have measurable goals to track and assess progress. If you cannot see change and track differences in behaviors it may end up the goal falls by the wayside. For example, write the goal in words like How Much, How Many, How will I know it’s accomplished.

A: Achievable. Goals should be realistic with the ability to break down the larger goal into smaller steps in order to take you to the end goal. Make sure to ask, How can I achieve this goal. What steps will I take?

R: Relevant. This step is to ensure the goal matters to you. Ask yourself these questions and if you can answer ‘yes’ it is likely a good goal. Is it worthwhile? Is this the right time? Does this match other efforts/needs? Am I the right person to reach this goal? If something matters to us, we typically find the time to work toward it. 

T: Time-bound. Every goal needs a time frame and limit. Having a deadline helps focus on and have something to word toward. Break down time to help with each measurable step. What can I do today? What can I do six weeks from now? What can I do six months from now? When will I reach this goal?

Whatever resolutions being set for the new year, if the time is taken to plan and prepare any goal can be achieved. The possibilities really can be endless. 

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