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When a town loses its history, it has lost its whole identity and is just another generic town.  We are lucky here in Morgan to still have a historic district and other historic buildings scattered through the county.  These are the buildings built with love and hope by our early settlers and it is our privilege to maintain them for generations yet to come.

New buildings are great and have a purpose and help our county progress, and our venerable old buildings help us remember the beginnings on which our current towns were built.  In remembrance of these early beginnings, the Historical Society has endeavored this past year to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of the incorporation of Morgan City.

Each week a little piece of Morgan’s unique history was in the Morgan County News and later placed on Instagram and Facebook , we hope you read these and learned a little more about your town.  In the spring, large window size pictures of how the buildings appeared in earlier times were placed in the windows of the unoccupied buildings on Commercial Street and smaller pictures were placed in the other businesses.  Hopefully you were able to view and enjoy these.  A contest began in late summer to point out the unique architecture that is part of our early buildings.  This contest appeared in the Morgan County News and also on Instagram and Facebook.  Many people participated in trying to identify the building by looking at the picture of an architectural detail from that building.

Morgan has some wonderful historic buildings and packets of postcards featuring historic Morgan City buildings are now available in several of the businesses and at the Historical Society Office.  Also coming soon, Walking Tour Brochures and a phone app with pictures and the history of each building will be available. 

Our county is truly a wonderful unique place and the more you learn about it the greater will be your appreciation for the area in which you live.  With this in mind, we will continue to try to add to your knowledge of the history of Morgan County.  Watch for future articles in The Morgan County News and on Facebook.

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