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New County Council Sworn


On Tuesday, January 8th three new members were sworn in to the County Council. The new members replaced, Council Chair, At Large, Ned Mecham, Council member, Austin Turner, and Council Member John Barber. 

The new members of the council are Michael Newton, Robert McConnel, and Sarah Swan. Reelected officials returning for another term are County Clerk/Auditor Stacy Clark, County Attorney, Jann Farris, Council Member, Tina Cannon, and Sheriff, Blaine Breshears. During the Tuesday night meeting the new and returning members were sworn into office. Throughout the night the roles and portfolio assignments were divvied between the new members and returning council members. 

There were two names that were given to sit as the new Chair, At Large on the council. Daryl Ballantyne and Roland Haslam. By a vote of 4-3 Roland Haslam assumed the new position as the Chair, At Large and Council member, Ballantyne was reelected as the Vice Chair on the county council. 

There will be a few changes with the new council. Meetings in the past began at 5:00 pm with council business and public comments taking anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour of the meeting time. A concern of the new Chair, At Large was discussions detracting from agenda items. It was decided that a work session, open to the public, would take place from 5:00 pm and then the public council meetings would begin at 6:00pm. The hope is to keep the discussion moving with the help of working out any issues beforehand during the work session. The public is invited to both meetings. County Council meetings are held every other Tuesday at the county buildings. 

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