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Snowbasin Ski Bus


The county council debated the issue of approving a contract for a bus that would go from Mountain Green to Snow Basin with skiers. The contract would run through UTA for use of the bus. An interesting idea since the funds for the bus would come from the community, raised by Go Fund Me campaigns. 

The outside source of income seemed like a good idea to some members of the council, while others were hesitant to enter into any sort of contract with UTA. Council Member, Robert Kilmer said, “The community has spoke very loud into entering into contracts with UTA. We’re doing a quasi-contract with UTA by doing it through Davis County.”

New council member, Sarah Swan made the point about the outside funds coming from member of the community. “What is the concern,” Swan asked. “If only two people raised the funds, even one person.”

Kilmer expressed issues with UTA on some communities saying, “UTA is proven to be bloodsuckers for budgets in communities.”

In the contract for the bus it explains the county will be responsible for $6392. Council member Tina Canon took responsibility for bringing the funds for the bus. Though some council members had concern that the money wouldn’t be available. However, County Attorney, Jann Farris offered assurances that if the funds ended up not being available it could become an amended contract. The funds, since coming from an outside source, would be placed in a type of “trust” and wouldn’t be integrated into the county budget since the county council would serve as a liaison for the funds reaching the right sources.

The contract for the snow basin ski bus was approved without a mention of when the bus would begin routes. The motion passed with the understanding that the funds were coming from an outside source and the county council was only serving as an intermediary to pass the funds along. 

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