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Lance Allred Comes to Morgan


Wednesday night the Area Chamber of Commerce arranged a community kick-off event featuring Lance Allred as the keynote speaker of the evening. 

Allred’s inspirational story was brought to bring hope, laughs, and inspiration to the community. Allred is the first legally deaf player in NBA history. With 75-80% hearing loss. Allred does use a hearing aid to improve hearing. His interesting story doesn’t begin at the NBA. Allred was born into an FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saint) Polygamist commune. His grandfather was the prophet of the particular polygamous sect, though Allred never knew his grandfather since he was assassinated four years before Lance was born. Through his grandfather being born in Chihuahua, Mexico Allred also received his Mexican citizenship.

The Allred family eventually left the FLDS church and moved to Salt Lake City when Allred was around 7, but he said he didn’t, “escape polygamy,” until he was 13. It wasn’t until eighth grade that Allred played organized basketball when he joined a team in the local LDS Church league.

Allred is nearly 7 feet tall, and became a star player at East High School. He averaged 17.3 pointes with 9.8 rebounds and earned honors for his performance. In 1999 he was named Gatorade Player of the Year for the state of Utah, as well as being named The Best in the West. Allred was hailed as a top 100 recruit by CNN and Sports Illustrated, though he ultimately played for the University of Utah. 

In March of 2008, the Cleveland Cavaliers signed Allred to a ten-day contract, but by April he was signed for the remaining season.

After retiring from the NBA, Allred is now hailed as a full-time keynote motivational speaker. Allred travels the country speaking to corporations, conventions, schools, with an emphasis on leadership, perseverance and grit. Which he shared with the community. In 2016, Allred was the opening speaker in the popular TEDx Salt Lake City event. His presentation was titled “What’s Your Polygamy?” Asking the question several times: “What are the boundaries or comfort zones you find yourself in? Never daring to take risks. The presentation reached over one million views in less than 2 months and can be found at www.lanceallred41.com

Allred speaks about choosing clarity, and shining light on our own personal struggles that hold us back in each one of our lives. That we all have choice. He said, “We spend our lives giving away our power by how we speak. I need, I have to etc. What if we began speaking like this: I choose… empower yourself with accountability of choice. Be a leader of your own life.”

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