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Were you able to identify the building correctly?

            – The old Porterville Church-

There once was a time in Porterville, Morgan County Utah that a community was pulled together by the building of the wonderful old Porterville church. 

  • • Built in 1897-1899
  • Dedicated in 1908
  • One of the few Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saint chapels built using the gothic style of architecture
  • Building Details – 30-inch thick foundation, walls six bricks wide side by side.
  • Cost – $5,000
  • Known owners of record – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, Marvin and Grace, Kilbourn, Bergman family The church is currently being torn down.

This bit of history stood for approximately 120 years as a legacy to those early settlers who worked together to build a chapel and in so doing united East and West Porterville.  The land was donated, the deacons quorum cleared the sagebrush, ward members cut timber from the nearby canyons, young boys carried the water to mix the mortar, women made the rug that went the full length of the chapel; it truly was a community project.  It stood for many years as a monument to the work and sacrifice of the people of Porterville.

Watch for a reprint of the book, History Of The Old Porterville Church 1864-1948 by Grace Kilbourn.

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