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County Medical Director Discussion at Council Meeting


The County Medical Director position was brought up for discussion at Tuesday’s County Council meeting. Though at one time, the position was set to move to open bid for candidates to apply as well as Dr. Bret Earl, the current Medical Director. The discussion was regarding a new pay schedule for the position since the emergency services (EMS) department is still in transition and looking for a new director of the department. 

Dr. Earl addressed the council going over the responsibilities for the position. Dr. Earl is responsible for approving offline medical protocols. Offline protocols consist of tasks the ambulance crew can do without consent from the hospital. By state law ambulance crew must have a medical director with certain criteria. 

There are trainings for the medical director works on with the EMS and ambulance crew. 

“I’m really here to support the team and keep them safely within protocols and safely within the things they can do,” said Dr. Earl.

There is not currently and EMS/Ambulance director. The position for the Medical Director was due to go to an open bid last year in November. During the transition of the emergency services department losing the director, the bid never went out. 

Member, Tine Cannon made the recommendation to wait to open the bid until a new, full-time director was hired for the emergency services department. The council determined to break with tradition of pay for the Medical Director position and opted to allocate funds each month for Dr. Earl to keep the position, even though the contract normally is paid out for the year in January.

When a new EMS director is hired, the bid for the Medical Director will be opened to the public.  

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