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Pennies for a Playground!


When I started kindergarten in 1977 at the brand, new Morgan Elementary School, we had the most amazing playground.  The “Big Toy” dominated the landscape with fire poles, a huge net to climb and a shiny, wide slide that three kids could race down together.  Most graduates of Morgan Elementary have a “Big Toy” story to recall from getting stuck in the net to getting scorched by the metal slide

Unfortunately, today, 42 years later, the same basic playground, serves the burgeoning population of Morgan Elementary School. Although updates have been made and children continue to entertain themselves at recess, the playground needs to be replaced. According to MES principal, Andy Jensen, “the playground is one of several capital projects that are in line to be completed in the coming years.”

Annette Streadbeck, co-president of the MES PTSO, shared, “We are trying to raise funds to speed the process along for a new, compliant playground that will allow capital funds to go to other worthy, needed projects.  We would love to put in an All-Ability playground that would allow every child at Morgan Elementary an opportunity to enjoy recess to the fullest.”

“An all-abilities playground is a space that provides inclusive play opportunities for children of all ages and abilities. These types of playgrounds are designed to promote the healthy development of all children’s physical, social, cognitive, and sensory abilities,” describes the Orem All-Together Playground website, www.alltogetherplayground.com.

“We have several different fundraisers that we are running and are always looking for new suggestions and sources of income,” she continued.

“Recently, we were honored to accept a $2,000 donation from Phillips 66,” she related.  “A group of dads who work for Phillips 66 and whose children attend Morgan Elementary worked to make the donation possible.  We are so grateful to TJ Jones, Mitchel Clark, and Jamie Blomquist for coordinating the donation and to Phillips 66 for their donation.”

“We are asking any interested parties to help us find outside sources of funding,” Streadbeck explained. “Our wonderful community businesses give so much to support the schools and athletic teams. We are so grateful for local support, but we would love for people to look outside of Morgan for donations and grants.” 

“Many residents of Morgan work and do a lot of business outside of the county.  We are asking people to look for donations at their places of business and at businesses they frequent that are located outside of Morgan,” Streadbeck requested.

“We will continue to fundraise with Box Tops for Education and other activities, but we are trying to expand our donor pool,” she clarified.

“If anyone would like information for donations or grant opportunities, please contact us,” she remarked.  “We continue to collect Box Tops for Education.  People can drop them off at the school, library or other sites.  I would be happy to pick them up from local donors as well.  This is basically free-money that we can get for the school if people are willing to cut the Box Tops off the products that they are already purchasing.”

Streadbeck and her co-president, Robyn Nelson, are happy to share information about the playground plans and fundraiser with any interested parties.  Streadbeck can be contacted at 801-721-7921.  Consider a donation to help provide a playground for Morgan Elementary one penny at a time…Pennies for a Playground!

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