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Round Valley Development Has Less Impact


Morgan County is no stranger to development throughout the county. Mountain Green is a huge development area, especially with talks of the interchange, and Mountain Green Village. However, in Morgan City development abounds. 

Round Valley Golf Course has brought business from inside the county as well as outside the county into the borders of the city. The 18-hole course is maintained and has a 71.5% rating on golflink.com. There have been discussions of development for housing units along the edge of the golf course. The place of development falls approximately between 1875-1900 E. Round Valley Road. 

On Tuesday night the county council discussed changes to a master concept plan of the development. The end result if approved and built would still bring development, but have less impact on the surrounding areas and roads near the golf course. 

Development or amended agreements that increased density in the area according to Planning Director, Lance Evans said, “As long as the developer isn’t increasing operation and maintenance costs to the county or decreasing open space any changes to the development agreement is considered a minor change. Public concerns were brought up about emergency access. Those accesses have been verified.”

The zoning area is comprised of 343 acres of land and instead of nearly 500 units the proposed development would be 115 lots/units. The planning commission recommended approval of the Round Valley development agreement, with a few specific additions like clarifying if there was an emergency access across the train tracks as well as previously named private roads that were listed as public in the planning agreement.

The County Council approved the Round Valley Concept plan but two conditions were added to the previous staff report, the verification of an existence of a railroad emergency access easement as well as the roads surrounding Round Valley are to remain private. 

This is only the concept plan and may still pass through several more rounds before development actually begins.

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